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SelfWipetrademark Bathroom Toilet Aid

The Bathroom Hygiene Helper
Stays Clean • Comfortable • Easy to Use

Allows people with limited use of their hands and arms to function independently when using the toilet.

What our customers say about the SelfWipe:

"Greatly exceeded my expectations and I would recommend the SelfWipe to others."

"The ease of use and reach ability is better than other products I've used."

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For anyone lacking the manual dexterity to practice necessary hygiene when using the toilet.

SelfWipe is a bathroom toileting aid for those with difficulties cleaning after using the toilet. Our revolutionary design is comfortable because it is rounded and smooth. The SelfWipe extends reach and is regarded as the best product of it's kind.

The toilet tissue is held tightly and released easily with the push of a button.The SelfWipe is unsurpassed by any other extended reach bathroom aid, making your toileting cleaner, more efficient, and with a greater degree of hygiene.

This toileting aid is such a tremendous aid to independent living that it is the ideal choice for those with a myriad of physical disabilities and mobility challenges:

Little People (Dwarfism)
Wheelchair users
  People who are recovering from back surgery Senior Citizens
  People with multiple sclerosis People with Weak Hands
  People with Arthritis People recovering from Rotator Cuff Surgery
  People with an amputation    

See just how easy the SelfWipe really works!


Attention Health Care Organizations:
Our improved design allows the SelfWipe to be sterilized in an autoclave.

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